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I’ve had lot’s of interesting things happening of late but I shall start with a meeting of authors. Recently I popped down to Cornwall to visit my brother for a few days and while there I managed to meet up with fellow indie author, Rosen Trevithick. If the name sounds familiar, that is because I have interviewed Rosen before about her writing. She is the author of the immensely popular My Granny Writes Erotica series amongst other great stories such as Pompomberry House, The Selfish Act and her collection of Smelly Troll series for children.


Authors in glorious surroundings

authorsHere we are meeting with a glorious backdrop. We met for a chat in a café overlooking the sea and had a chat about our writing. Rosen also had lots of tips for me about getting my writing in print, so thank you for that, Rosen.

Now I just need to keep an eye on my word counts!

After a coffee/tea/hot chocolate, Rosen popped off for 15 minutes for a swim in the sea. I’d left my speedos at home so we just watched from the warmth of the café as Rosen took to the waves like… well, a fish to water.

Afterwards we went for something eat and I had my first, proper Cornish Pasty. It makes a Greggs or a Ginsters look pitiful. It was absolutely delicious and if we weren’t full enough, we then went for a cream tea.

I’d like to thank Rosen again for a great day out and for taking the time to show us around where she lives. We’re very jealous of the scenery and those pasties!

To find out about Rosen’s writing, including her latest book, Two Shades of the Lilac Sunset, check out her website:

Rosen is also the driving force behind, formerly known as Indie Book Bargains. It has been re-branded and, for me, gives it a much more professional feel. Rosen works extremely hard on it every day. You can join the newsletter to receive daily updates. Just click the link above to join up now.

bookHippoTitle, authors

Indie Book Bargain’s was the website where I won ‘Best Short Story‘ with Last Christmas as well as coming runner-up in the ‘Best Novelette‘ with Bittersweet. How will Brainstorm, The Bachelor and Albert’s Christmas fair this year? Will they even be nominated? Will they behind honorary Hippo’s? Who knows!

If that wasn’t enough, I may also be meeting a number of fellow authors from the KUF Forum (Kindle Users Forum) in September. It is scheduled to take place in Derby and will give many of us a chance to meet up, talk about our writing, have a drink and then… well, God knows what might happen. The world’s our oyster!

I’m sure I’ll be writing a report about that as soon as it’s over!

That’s enough indies….

Oh no it’s not. I am also part of I:AM (Indie Authors Merseyside). Jason Pinnington, author of the Harry Webb series (Liverpool’s first and only spider detective, not Cliff Richard, in case you were wondering) is organising a table at the Mersey Comic Con in May 2015. Although I do not have any works to sell or give away there, he is giving indies the opportunity to promote their works on a big screen. So, I am currently creating some advertising blurbs for my stories that will be on a screen behind Jason on the day.

Jason is also a producer on a local radio station that gives indies air time. There’s a waiting list but I have put my name down to be considered for an interview. I’ll keep you posted if that is likely to happen.

I should have work out in paperback next year so hopefully I may be able to attend next years event with Jason and other indie authors.