author workshopToday I have received some magnificent news about my author workshop. For the first time, I will be talking to adults about my writing.

How I’ll do an author workshop within a workshop

Unlike my school visits, this will be completely different. I will be speaking to college students who are considering going on to study English Literature at University or become Primary School Teachers.

I am yet to work out the full day, but so far I plan to talk to them about:

  • How I became an author
  • The pro’s & cons of self-publishing
  • How I set up a school workshop
  • Techniques that will engage children

I’m still in discussions about what the whole morning will consist of, but this is a surprising turn in direction to what I intended and I will grasp it with both hands!

If you are a school or college and would like to discuss an author visit, then get in touch on my School Visits page.


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My name is Matthew Drzymala. My main genre is Humour and I am the author of the comedy book series, The Bumpkinton Tales.That's not all I do, however. I also have a dark, psychological drama story called Brainstorm and I am currently working on a book for children.
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