book signingsChoosing Glasgow for the first of my upcoming book signings was always going to be a gamble. It takes over 3 hours on the train for a start, but with my partners family living in Stirling, I, at least, saved money on lodgings.

A bottle of red and a box of chocolates sealed the deal.

So, How Did The First Of My Book Signings Go?

Better than I had expected. Having never been to one before, I cannot say if it was busy, or quiet. However, I had a good few people stop at my stall to ask me about The Bumpkinton Tales, and one or two asked me about Brainstorm after reading some cards I had with me.

I sold a small number, but with just one book available, selling multiple to people was always going to be unlikely. However, I sold enough to make it worthwhile.

I met lots of lovely authors, including Stuart Reid, the man who inspired me to start my author workshops as well as Ava K Michaels, a lady I have known in the author world for a few years now.

Setting My Stall Out…

It’s important to stand out at book signings, so I took the follow:

  • My banner. It’s been to schools & colleges, but this is what it was made for!
  • Postcards. Emblazoned with the Bumpkinton logo with some background information about me.
  • Business Cards. 
  • Sweets. I had my own little version of Hopscottles Sweetshop!
  • T-Shirt. I had a ‘Tourist Information’ tee made up. Something a little different, and fun.

The sweets were popular among the kids, both young and old and the T-Shirt was fun and a talking point with some buyers.

With Thanks…

Alison, Me and Jordan the bear!

I would like to thank Suzie and Kelly for setting up the event. I know how hard they worked to make the day a success. Which it was, and they even managed to raise over £1000 for charity through various events on the day.

It was a nice introduction to book signings, and I’m sure the next one will be very different. I’m up for it, though.

Oh, and a huge thank you to Alison Spencer, who was at the next table and chatted to me for the entire day.

I look forward to going back to Glasgow again in the future!


Photo’s from the day!

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My name is Matthew Drzymala. My main genre is Humour and I am the author of the comedy book series, The Bumpkinton Tales.That's not all I do, however. I also have a dark, psychological drama story called Brainstorm and I am currently working on a book for children.
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  1. Well done to Matt, hope to see you at more book signings in Bonnie Scotland, Derek Beaugarde

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