writing groupIf you’re anything like me, taking part in a writing group is a nail-biting prospect.

I’d considered it for some time, looking into a few, but not finding them for new writers or those who are nervous about reading in a public forum.

They just weren’t for me.

I resigned myself to the fact that I’d just have to go it alone and miss out on meeting people with the same interest as me.

Then my friend Anna said:

“Start your own writing group.”


That’s all well and good, but how?

That’s when she told me about

Meetup is a website that does what it says on the tin. It’s a place you can start your own group, and people can join. I had some reservations, but my friend, yet again, allayed my fears. She told me to market the group how I wanted it.

And The Laid-Back Writers Group was born.

I wanted it to be a place where new, or experienced writers could come and take their time. So I made the following rules:

  • Anybody is welcome.
  • You don’t have to read out until you’re ready.
  • Only constructive criticism allowed.

I get to set challenges for people every month, or they’re welcome to bring their work with them. The Laid-back Writers Group is a place where I get to listen to many talented writers. Everybody writes differently. From description-rich fantasy to evil teddy bears and autobiographical work.

My writing group is about comfort. A place for people to find their confidence, and when they’re ready to read out, they can. And they have. Laid-back is in the name, and that’s what it is, and I find many people who are nervous to read at the start jump in by the end to read their piece.

Without the writing group, I would never have met the many wonderful people I have since September 2015.

Where do you meet?

If you live in Liverpool or the surrounding areas, why not join us? We meet one Sunday a month at Liverpool Central Library.

Join the Laid-back Writers Group today!


Or start your own. It’s YOUR group, with YOUR rules, and I guarantee you’ll meet some amazing people.

It changed everything for me.

No longer do I worry about my writing. I get to work towards something every month and love to read out the latest from my novel. Even if I don’t read out for a month or two, it’s because I’m trying to get my work into a shape that is good enough to read out. Without the group, I’d probably be stuck on chapter 12.

It’s boosted my confidence, and I no longer shake when talking in front of a large group of people.

It changed my life. It set my mind free and has helped me become a better writer.

Your group could change yours.

Ask me any questions you like, I did it, and I am a bag of nerves at attempting new things. I’d love to help you in any way I can.


**There are other meet sites and speak only of my experience on I am not endorsing as the only way to go.

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My name is Matthew Drzymala. My main genre is Humour and I am the author of the comedy book series, The Bumpkinton Tales.That's not all I do, however. I also have a dark, psychological drama story called Brainstorm and I am currently working on a book for children.
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  1. Matthew:
    ‘Laid-Back Writers’ such a welcoming space
    with opportunities a-plenty to write at a steady, pace.
    Sharing is not so daring as confidence and laughter
    corrals and infects us all;
    Encouraging us, to be a better writer
    venturing forth into our own:
    ~ <3 ~

  2. I don’t think any writer who has attended has been bad at all. Everybody is different, but everybody who has written can write. It’s wonderful to meet so many talented and creative people!

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