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I love a giveaway. They are brill.

So, I take it you’ve snapped up your copy of The Fantastical Gregory Shortbread and you’re currently chuckling your way through it.


No problem – you snap up your copy here.



Now, who wants to win some Gregory Shortbread prizes?

Join the great Gregory Shortbread giveaway.

Yes, it’s giveaway time again – and all you have to do is bring the fun.

I want you to send me a picture of yourself reading the book, but I don’t want some boring snap of you reading it in a musty old armchair surrounded by doilies.


I want you to be snapped reading it in a fun or theatrical way.

The winner will receive:

giveaway, gregory shortbread, matthew drzymala, free

A Fantastical Gregory Shortbread:

  • Notepad
  • Mug, and
  • Pen

I’m also working on including a bookmark into the prizes too.

The second and third placed readers will both receive a pen each – as well as the bookmark once it arrives.

But if you only own the Kindle version – don’t worry.

If you send an additional photo of yourself with the cover on your screen, pictures of you reading your Kindle WILL be accepted.

And if you still haven’t bought your copy – you can do so here – in either paperback or on Kindle.

The competition is open now and runs until Saturday 31st May 2018.

Entrants will then be placed into a vote on my website, which will be decided upon by YOU.

Yes, you’re in full control of this fabulous giveaway, because you’ll get to decide the one you love most.

Ready for the giveaway?

On your marks, get set… on with the show!

E-Mail your entry or send me a DM on Facebook.

Until next time,