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Well, I won’t deny it, I’ve been gone a bloody long time, but to be honest, my own business has kinda taken over thisauthor workshops, author workshop, indie author, matthew drzymala, writer, comedy writer, comedy author year.

After the initial excitement of releasing The Fantastical Gregory Shortbread, I soon retreated into working for myself. I was made redundant but got a big writing job in which has meant I now work for myself.

But enough of that, you’re not here for that.

You’re here to hear about my author workshops hitting the road once again!


Author Workshops Are Back!

I’d been planning on contacting schools and colleges again now I have more time, but time has got the better of me since June and I haven’t followed up on my plan.

However, I didn’t need to, as I was contacted by Oldham College requesting a workshop

I did one for them in 2016 and they were keen to get me back.

So, on 28th November 2018, my author workshop is back on the road and next week is when I start creating it, welding it together to see what fits and what doesn’t until it all comes together for the big day.

Now all I need to do is decide whether to sing an extract from The Fantastical Gregory Shortbread or not.


Interested In My Author Workshops?

At the moment I mostly cover the North West of England, but I’m looking to expand the schools and colleges I reach, and that’s where you come in.

Whether you’re up North or not, if you work in a school or know somebody who does, why not see if your school would be interested in a visit from me?

The workshops are fun and I speak to the students about:

  • Opening lines/hooks to grab a readers attention
  • How to move a story along
  • Characterisation, and
  • Cliffhangers

I also make time for students to come up with story ideas from prompts I show on screen.

And at the end?

A Q&A and an opportunity for individuals to buy a signed book.

And if you’re very lucky, I might even sing the song from Chapter One of Gregory Shortbread – now, who wouldn’t love that?

For the full run-down of what I offer in my workshops, make sure to check out my dedicated schools and colleges pages below:

School Workshops | College Workshops

My original run of workshops was extremely popular and I’m sure they will be this time too. I’m happy to travel across the UK, so wherever you are, get in touch because it’d be great to see you!

Until next time,