Albert\'s Christmas

Albert's Christmas is the 4th story in my comedy book series, The Bumpkinton Tales (5th if you count The Family Jewels which is part of The Bumpkinton Tales: Volume One collection) and it was released on 12th December 2014.

comedy book, christmas


There’s a Christmas crisis in Bumpkinton.

The clock is ticking and Fathers Whitworth O’Grady and Harrison Stawker are running out of time to find someone for a very special job. As they race around the inaugural Christmas Markets looking for the right man to fill some very big black boots, their search is thwarted at every turn by protests, flirty florists and a vindictive journalist.

As all hope seems lost, someone steps forward to save Christmas.

Someone they did not expect…


Albert's Christmas has received praise with its readers describing it as 'Another warm, witty festive tale with a twist'.