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how to guideFollowing my 'Get Your Book Into Waterstones' blog updates, I thought it was about time I create a proper 'How To Guide' page.

Otherwise, they'll end up getting lost in the ether somewhere!

I'm currently working on a number of articles, aimed at helping indie authors, both new and experienced.

The next guide will be about:

  • How To Get Your Book Into The British Library

Believe me, it's great to find your book in your local library and to look at the stamps at the front to see how many people have taken it out to read. It's not as complicated as getting it into Waterstones, so don't worry about that.

I just know there will be a lot for writers to get their teeth into, and a lot you will find useful. For now, make sure you can check the two links below for my Waterstones guides.

They're also in the drop down menu in the link at the top of the page, just in case you don't want to have to keep dropping by this page to read up on them.

Enjoy, and I hope all of you indies out there find my guides useful.

How To Get Your Book Into Waterstones

Part One  |  Part Two

Get stuck into them, it can take weeks and months to go through every step and wait for replies, so don't delay, you could be in Waterstones one day soon.

Come back soon.