Palo Mayombe -The Garden of Blood and Bones

Palo Mayombe -The Garden of Blood and Bones

Author: Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold

Format: Paperback

Pages: 225

ISBN: 9780956720399

Language: English

Publisher: Scarlet Imprint - Bibliotheque Rogue

Release Date: October 20, 2020

Description du Livre

Nicholai De Mattos Frisvold traces the roots of Palo Mayombe back to Kongolese sorcery, the warrior and leopard societies, and the impact of the Portugese Mission. The original African faith is carried in chains across the abysmal waters of Kalunga and it flowers in Cuba as a New World Creole sorcery.
This is an initiate's account of a much maligned religion and cult whose central mystery is the prenda, the cauldron containing the human skull or bones, re-animated by living spirits.
The Garden of Blood & Bones gives explicit details of the workings of Palo Mayombe for good and ill: the method of divination, the herbs, animals, trees and plants, powders, baths and waters, the songs and chants. It presents a complete living system, one which embraces both the arts of healing and resurrection, and those that remove life.
This is a serious study which confronts the sinister and violent aspects of the cult, but rather than purveying lurid sensationalism expresses the deep dignity and integrity of its nature.
In drawing parallels with both the Ancient Greek practices of Necromancy and Nigromancy, and the grimoire tradition, Frisvold also illuminates the Western Tradition, showing what we have lost in our denial of the dead and the cult of the ancestors. Yet Palo Mayombe can only be truly understood in the light of a highly developed African cosmology. This is a book written from inside the cult, and will serve as a guide for practising Paleros and those seeking initiation. With access to rare materials, pamphlets, booklets and unpublished field notes, this is the most comprehensive study of Palo Mayombe to date.

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