Secrets, Lies & Chemical Compounds - The Pawn: The Pawn

Secrets, Lies & Chemical Compounds - The Pawn: The Pawn

Author: Sophia Denapoli

Format: Paperback

Pages: 562

ISBN: 9780615709284

Publisher: Sophia Denapoli

Release Date: October 18, 2012

Description du Livre

"Secrets, Lies & Chemical Compounds: "The Pawn"" by Sophia DeNapoli is a thrilling fictionalized autobiography that details the corporate wrangling that occurs when big business ignores responsible ethics for the sake of profits.

The protagonist of the story is Bernadetta DeVittoria, or Bernie, as her friends know her. She once worked for the Renard Chemical Company and, thanks to a particularly nasty divorce, is looking to be rehired. Renard Chemicals, undergoing a bitter battle with a growing number of litigants who wish to see their pain and suffering recognized legally and monetarily, needs her in the legal department.

While many have suffered due to Renard's dangerous KBCTG(r) Product lines, Bernie suffers too. She has to investigate the plaintiffs and other innocents who were sickened or killed because of Renard in a damage-control campaign that forces her to be at cross-purposes. Do her job, or follow her conscience? The outcome hangs in the balance to the bitter end.

The engaging, gripping, and occasionally lighthearted mood of "Secrets, Lies & Chemical Compounds: "The Pawn"" draws the reader in. DeNapoli's characters are relatable. The themes are timely. The driving storyline will keep you up at night.

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