The Dance of Life: Transform Your World Now!

The Dance of Life: Transform Your World Now!

Author: Victor Vernon Woolf

Format: ebook

ISBN: 5551488527

Publisher: The International Academy of Holodynamic

Release Date: October 06, 2005

Description du Livre

Multiple dimensions of reality were used as a framework in the exploration of consciousness and then applied to finding solutions to complex problems facing humanity. After more than three decades of research, the author reports for the first time, on how extra-ordinary results were obtained in overcoming mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse, and criminal behavior. His holodynamic approach applies the latest information from science to such subjects as: How matter is made of information in motion and how information organizes into particles, waves and causality. The author explores the mechanisms of consciousness and unveils how mind and matter interact. The universe becomes a conscious, holographic, quantum matrix of information that responds to specific transformation processes. The author used this model in overcoming corporate dysfunction in major US corporations and in helping to end the Cold War. The last chapter deals with effectively transforming terrorism. This new advanced model is outlined in detail, giving the scientific basis for its premises and then showing how it was tested and how it can be used by almost anyone to solve complex problems.

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