Start Reading Phonics 1.07 (r h b f) Level 1 Book 07 (Childrens Learning To Read Activity Book) (Phonic Ebooks: Kids Learn To Read (Childrens First Readers Level 1))

Start Reading Phonics 1.07 (r h b f) Level 1 Book 07 (Childrens Learning To Read Activity Book) (Phonic Ebooks: Kids Learn To Read (Childrens First Readers Level 1))

Author: C.F. Crist

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 67


Publisher: Virtual Learning Books

Release Date: November 08, 2013

Description du Livre

A straightforward way to start your child reading, giving you the information and resources to teach your child the first stepping stones in reading. This Level 1 Book 7 is NOT a STORY BOOK each page stands alone to make starting to read easier. As with speaking, children learn to read starting with a single word then building up to reading sentences and eventually reading a story (Start Reading Level 1 Books 13 & 14). Contents Included:
Sounds GUIDE = Information & ideas for introducing, teaching and practicing sounds. Sound Flashcards (4 pgs): Picture & text cards: (r h b f) with interactive navigation. Say the sound on each page and name the pictures that start with the same sound (3 pictures per page). Decode Words GUIDE = Information & ideas to teach & practice reading words. Decode Words (17 pgs): On each page, break the word into its sounds then read the word. Find the correct picture that goes with the word. Tricky Words GUIDE = Information about teaching and practicing tricky words. Tricky Words (7 pgs): On each page, read the tricky word and the sentences that go with each picture. Tricky words are displayed in both capitals and lower case letters with examples of these in a sentence. Sentence Work GUIDE  - Information & ideas when teaching your child to read sentences. Sentence Work (20 pgs): On each page, read the sentence that goes with the picture. LEVEL 1
For children who have learnt or are starting to learn their basic phonics (a-z). Schools expect children to know all these sounds (Introduced in Level 1) before they start school at age 5. Level 1 series contains 14 books.

Due to its use of phonics this book is more accessible at an earlier age than other "reading series" that rely heavily on sight words. Phonics is taught before all other reading strategies in schools and these books follow the same system.

Children need to, learn to recognise as whole words. These are words that cannot be broken down into phonics at this stage of a child's learning. "Tricky" (sight) words are introduced gradually in every other book, building children's knowledge gradually so they can retain it.

Start Reading Phonics 2 Start Reading Phonics 3 This series follows the recommended order to teach children phonics under the "Letters and Sounds" scheme (DfES - Primary National Strategy) that most UK Primary Schools use to teach phonics. Can be used alongside other reading schemes. Compliments "Letters and Sounds - Phase 2 & 3" work. These stories can be used to assess a child's phonic knowledge, high frequency words and tricky (sight) words.

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