Rapid Reporting For FRCR 2B Vol.2 (Rapid Reporting Series)

Rapid Reporting For FRCR 2B Vol.2 (Rapid Reporting Series)

Author: Sanjay Gandhi

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 75

Language: English

Publisher: JM Digital Books

Release Date: August 23, 2011

Description du Livre


***** One and Only Multiple 5 Star Reviews Rapid Reporting Book by Award Winning Editor.

***** ‘As close to the exam as is possible’!

Latest Update: This series now contains 50% more cases and nearly two dozen practical tips, which have helped FRCR Exam candidates over the many years.

This rapid reporting series has been brought to you by highly experienced faculty, with extensive experience of FRCR teaching. Having worked closely with the exam candidate for over 12 years, in this Rapid Reporting Series we have included a lot more practical tips than you can expect on an average exam course. Each book contains carefully selected, high quality digital films.

Please Note: There are a few Rapid Reporting books on the market with similar names. Please remember that there is ONLY one original Rapid Reporting Series by Award Winning Editor Dr S Gandhi. Dr Gandhi is on the Royal College of Radiologists Regional FRCR Question Panel, and held the position of College Tutor for more than 8 years. Under his expert guidance, we regularly review our books to keep them up-to-date and as representative of the FRCR Exam as possible. Avoid imitations and Only buy this Original low cost JMD Digital Rapid Reporting Books for success.

According to the independently confirmed source, once again in this year's Royal; College Exam, ALL of the 'ABNORMAL' Rapid Reporting cases were almost exactly as from our 5 star book. Yes, Every Single Abnormality!
Advantages of our books:
* Excellent value for money.
* Brought to you by an experienced faculty.
* Unlike some FRCR courses that still use old style X-ray conventional films; we offer high quality digital films similar to exams. On touch screen devices like iPad and Android tablets you can change Contrast, Brightness and magnification settings for X-rays. These tools behave like an inbuilt mini PACS.
* We regularly review our cases and update them in line with exam cases.
* Books contain nearly two dozen practical tips, which have helped candidates for more than a decade. Just like our practice cases, our advice and Tips are also regularly reviewed and updated.
* You can use this Series on up to 4 devices to help you get through this tough component of FRCR
* No internet or data roaming charges. These books would be ideal to take with you to practice just before the exam.

Our first edition enjoyed many 5 Star reviews from the USA, the UK and Australia. Some of the reviews are below:

***** 5 out of 5 Stars: Excellent!, Amazon USA, 20 Sep 2011
***** 5 out of 5 Stars: very nice, Amazon UK, 22 Aug 2011
***** 5 out of 5 Stars: Great practice for the FRCR 2B, Dr Gandhi has put together this collection which in my opinion is as close to the exam as is possible, without actually being the exam itself! Amazon USA, 23 Jan 2012

In this updated 2nd edition of the Rapid Reporting eBooks we have included extra 50% cases to offer you more practice and added more practical tips.

Our readers and reviewers say that this Rapid Reporting series is as close to the exam as is possible, without actually being the exam itself. Due to support received from Teleimaging Society, we have reduced the cost of this book (see inside the book for further details). Save loads of £££ on the Exam Course Fee, Travel and Accommodation costs. Practice as many times you like with our handy eBooks.

With Multiple Practice Test Packets + Famous Killer Packets + Handy Tips + Downloadable Review Areas and Checklists (in PDF), this updated Second Edition is even better value than ever!

For a limited time it is available on this Special Offer Price.

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