The ADA Practical Guide to Internal Marketing: The Key To Dental Practice Success

The ADA Practical Guide to Internal Marketing: The Key To Dental Practice Success

Author: ADA Council on Dental Practice, ADA Department of Product Development and Sales, American Dental Association

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 132

Language: English

Publisher: American Dental Association

Release Date: April 01, 2011

Description du Livre

Promoting your practice just got easier with the expert advice of the ADA.

With chapters devoted to cultivating referrals, developing practice newsletters and websites, and utilizing social networking profitably and responsibly, The ADA Practical Guide to Internal Marketing shoes you how to grow your practice using tried and true standbys, as well as the newest technological innovations.

A valuable resource for both dentists and the dental team, Internal Marketing will help develop relationship building and marketing skills that will take your practice to the next level.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Building Relationships – The Key to Internal Marketing

Learning Objectives
“Rx” for a Welcoming Office
Generating Referrals
The Value of the Dental Team
What Internal Marketing Can Do for You

Chapter 2: Your Role as a Dentist in Promoting Your Practice

Learning Objectives
Practice Atmosphere and Décor
Dental Office Design
Feng Shui 101
Demonstrating Quality of Care
It’s Not What You Say, But What You Do

Chapter 3: Your Dental Team as a Marketing Resource

Learning Objectives
The Power of Your Dental Team
Welcoming Patients to Your Practice – Telephone Skills
Greeting Patients in Person
What Front Office Staff Should Wear
Tips for Discussing Treatment Fees
Promoting Your Practice in the Community
Training Your Team
Motivating Your Team Through Incentive Programs

Chapter 4: Building Your Business Through Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Learning Objectives
Why Word-of-Mouth Promotion is Important
Enhancing Patient Relations to Generate Referrals
Identifying Your Referral Sources
Referrals from Other Dentists and Health Professionals
Asking for Referrals from Patients
How to Thank Patients Who Refer to Your Practice


Chapter 5: Measuring Patient Satisfaction

Learning Objectives
Why Measuring Patient Satisfaction is Important
Commonly Used Types of Surveys
Focus Groups and Personal Interviews
Professional Patient Studies
Creating Your Own Survey
The Role of Your Staff in this Process
What to Do with the Results

Chapter 6: Your Electronic Practice Newsletter

Learning Objectives
Why Do I Need a Practice Newsletter?
Electronic Newsletters
Print Newsletters
Design and Production Choices
Content Areas You Want to Address
How to Ensure an Ethical and Legal Approach
Use an Effective Writing Style
Distributing Your Newsletter

Chapter 7: Developing Your Practice Website

Learning Objectives
Benefits of a Website for Your Practice
Determining if a Website is Right for Your Practice
Information That Can Be on Your Website
The Structure of Your Website
Safety First: Legal FAQs
Website Privacy Policies
Website Accessibility
The Decision is Up to You
Optimizing Exposure to Your Website
Welcome to Blogging!

Chapter 8: Understanding the Basics of Social Media and Marketing Your Practice

Learning Objectives
What is Social Media?
How Social Media Can Help Market Your Dental Practice
Types of Social Media
Planning Your Social Media Strat

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