Tutoring to Live (Jobs for A New Earth (JANE))

Tutoring to Live (Jobs for A New Earth (JANE))

Author: Seth Weeks, Eileen McKinnon

Format: Kindle Edition

Language: English

Publisher: Hallucination Waltz Press

Release Date: June 09, 2011

Description du Livre

This book, written by a professional tutor of many years' experience, is the one guidebook you absolutely need to tutor others. It covers every aspect, from teaching techniques to marketing to forging empathetic bonds with your tutees. It covers every little-known method to fire up a student, and all the ways to constantly increase your tutoring business. It is crammed with everything you need to make a very decent living indeed simply by teaching what you already know, be it about math, or guitar, or English or some other language, or volleyball--literally anything. Many observers, e.g., recently in the New York Times, now think tutoring will be the surest,best career to follow for many years to come. Today the competition among high schoolers to get into college has made tutoring a potential goldmine. Today $50 to $100 is merely a starting point for hourly wages. Almost unbelievably, the New York Times speaks of hourly fees of $200 to $800 to tutor children approaching college admission. Just think: you become your own boss. No more office or factory. You are free and living very likely better than ever.

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