Dear Husband - Missing You (The Foster Family in the Great War #1)

Dear Husband - Missing You (The Foster Family in the Great War #1)

Author: Bob Pickles

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 272

Language: English

Description du Livre

In Part 1. of the trilogy 'The Foster Family in the Great War', it is August 1914 & the British Expeditionary Force battles with the invading Germans in Belgium & France at Mons, Le Cateau & Nery, fighting desperate rearguard actions to safeguard the army during the ‘Great Retreat’. Here the ‘Old Contemptibles’ of the B.E.F. continually surprise the numerically superior German forces by their tenacity and tactical skills with the fast-firing Lee-Enfield rifle.
In II Corps, Clem Foster & the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry prepare to do battle whilst his wife Alice is in debt & threatened by the villainous John Cappavani & his henchmen while she nurses a sickly baby. Brother Clifford Foster is absent without leave from the K.O.Y.L.I. whilst their elder brother Albert is in the Royal Horse Artillery but terrified of horses.
In the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, Jack Rigby’s main worry is the effect his new boots are having on his feet. His pal Billy Townshend worries about his errant wife. Sergeant Abe McClusky looks for a trio of molesting Scots soldiers - one with the ‘Mark of Cain’ on him.
At home, Police Agent Ned North searches for absconder Clifford Foster who in helping Alice Foster’s problems with Cappavani complicates matters. Sarah Townshend – wife of Billy - also makes a deal with Cappavani that she may regret & Nurse Olivia Standing decides to move to an overseas military hospital after witnessing Scarborough’s bombardment by the German Navy.
Nurse Lucy Lawson passes an unusual test and tends wounded on a hospital train. Odd Stretcher Bearer Arthur Goodkind appears as ever with his unconventional medication. Four disparate Belgian soldiers provide protection for an American Press photographer. One of the Belgians makes a sad discovery at home . Lieutenant Mettle takes part in some of the last cavalry charges. They all end up surrounded together and battling the enemy in a small farm.
A fast-paced action tale of the first months of the Great War where soldiers, medical staff & civilians alike learn the true nature of the ‘War to end all wars’.

See also Part 2. 'Demure Sarah, Divine Angel' & Part 3. 'Dear Brother, Don't Volunteer'. For continuity, this trilogy is best read in order.

(please note: this trilogy was previously published under the generic series title 'Franklin & Friends in WW1')

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