GOD'S INVITATION: A science fiction journey to the stars

GOD'S INVITATION: A science fiction journey to the stars

Author: John Sullivan

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 348

Language: English

Publisher: John S Publishing

Release Date: August 05, 2016

Description du Livre

This is a science fiction novel which involves a religious story. Current thinking generally believes that our Universe started from a “Big Bang” but we do not know how or why that occurred. Many scientists accept that the “ingredients” that initiated the big bang had to be very precise for life to emerge. Had even minute variations existed we would not be here.
So how did the Big Bang arise? Some claim that something can come from nothing in the sense that quantum theory says that minute particles can materialize in space and be the building blocks of greater things. Maybe, but then a few other scientists have said that the precision involved in the big bang was such that it could not have happened by chance, someone – perhaps a Creator, had to be involved. If this is true then perhaps we could meet him or her!
This story follows mankind’s discovery of how we can travel to the stars. As a consequence, a messenger appears on Earth delivering invitations from the Creator to the leaders of the main religious faiths to visit Him. After much preparation twelve religious delegates plus crew and support team leave Earth. Numerous on-board tensions arise and a computer malfunction causes them to be lost in space but they eventually reach their destination and are addressed by God the Creator.
However, things are not quite what any of the religious delegates expect. They encounter other races, their space ship is attacked, one delegate nearly dies and the Creator severely criticizes several of them. They finally leave to return home but internal dissention among the delegates threatens their whole survival and in a tense climax many changes arise.
For both believers and non-believers this book could change the World; at least, how people view our world and our attitudes towards our fellow human beings. Some may even say “could this really be how it is?”
John Sullivan

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