Man's Greatest Discovery: Six Soul Culture Essays (Classic Reprint)

Man's Greatest Discovery: Six Soul Culture Essays (Classic Reprint)

Author: Henry Harrison Brown

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 70

ISBN: 9780331888249

Publisher: Forgotten Books

Release Date: April 23, 2018

Description du Livre

Man's greatest discovery. Six soul culture essays .. (1901)

Author: Brown, Henry Harrison, 1840-1918
Language: English

These essays are TRUTH to me. They wrote
themselves. I was but the instrument through
which thought crystallized. They -welled up from
a full heart and were moist with tears of joy.
When the significance of the Greatest of all human
discoveries dawned upon me, like Saul of Tarsus,
I was stricken with the magnitude of the Percep-
tion and for several days lived as one in a trance.
The sub-conscious life was the only reality. I lived
that which I have here written.
When the Thought crystallized into the title of
this book, like the Greek of old I cried, "Eureka,"
and paced my room in rapture. I clairvoyantly
perceived the wonderful possibilities that lay^ in
the Discovery. Like a mighty spiritual wind,
such as the old Hebrew seers felt when they proph-
esied, was this perception of fulfillment.
"The hour now is when men shall no more worship
God either in temple or on mount, but shall know
themselves almighty and deathless," was the Voice
within me.

I saw man as Conscious King of himself, and "I
AM POWER" was the Affirmation then realized.
In this spirit was the first essay written. Day by
day, since that September morning, have I entered
more and more into the Realization of the Vision
then vouchsafed me. Each succeeding essay has
only increased the responsibility which I, as Henry
Harrison Brown, have felt, as the instrument for
that "which has been from all eternity," as it finds...

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