Domestic Violence Safety Plan Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide That Can Help Keep You Safer Whether You Stay or Leave

Domestic Violence Safety Plan Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide That Can Help Keep You Safer Whether You Stay or Leave

Author: Kellie Jo Holly

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 65

Description du Livre

This domestic violence workbook helps you to prepare a comprehensive safety plan and take the first steps to emotional abuse recovery.* Domestic partner abuse creates serious emotional damage whether it happens in a short dysfunctional relationship or a long abusive marriage. This domestic violence safety planning workbook helps you to:

• take the first steps toward emotional abuse recovery and
• create a safety plan that will help keep you safer whether you decide to stay in the abusive relationship or to leave it.**

We recommend this Domestic Violence Safety Plan Workbook to men and women who experience emotional abuse in their relationship. Also, counselors, crisis line volunteers, nurses and triage workers, first-responders, domestic violence groups and anyone who regularly talks with victims of domestic violence and abuse will benefit from this full-picture look at the barriers to escaping abusive relationships.

This Domestic Abuse Workbook Addresses the Stages of Leaving

This domestic violence and abuse workbook is organized into five sections:

1. Preliminary Domestic Violence Safety Form: Addresses bare bones, emergency safety planning needs in case you need to leave temporarily or sooner than you expect.

2. Safety While Living with an Abuser: Educates you about the abuse in your relationship that you may not recognize and lays out ways to more safely deal with emotional abuse and the threat of verbal, emotional and physical violence. Includes safety planning for cyberstalking and cell phone use.

3. I May Leave But I Haven’t Left Yet: Helps you consider the safest ways to leave the abusive relationship and what you may need to do before you leave (including safety planning for your pets).

4. Safety After I’ve Left My Abuser: Gives crucial safety information for when you leave the abusive relationship, and helps you prepare for the most dangerous time in the leaving process. Helps you consider the safety needs of your children, social networking threats, stalking and more. Also helps you emotionally prepare for the surprising thoughts and feelings that can derail your plans to leave.

5. Appendix: Gives information on identifying specific abuses in your relationship, setting and activating personal boundaries and more useful information you may need.

Third Edition Changes

The Domestic Violence Safety Plan Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide That Can Help Keep You Safer Whether You Stay or Leave, Third Edition adds social networking and cyberstalking considerations, detailed cell phone dangers, planning for pets, a minor title change and other updates to wording and text.

Prior Edition Praise

The succinct book is very well organized. When I read it, I felt a sense of controlling my own life rather than being controlled.
I recommend this workbook for anyone in the counseling field or who answers a crisis line. As an old nurse, I would have found this a very practical book to help recognize how cues my clients were giving me.
Excellent resource! This book listed several preparations that I had not already thought of in terms of getting ready to leave an abuser.

This book is a must read for all men, women, teenagers, if you ‘think’ you may be in an abusive relationship then you probably are! This domestic violence workbook will help you decide what to do next.

This domestic violence workbook is in ebook form and is meant to be a free addition to the printed copy. However, edits have been made to try to enhance the ebooks ability to be a stand-alone safety plan.

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