Like the Lion and the Butterfly: Set Free the Energy and Talent inside of You

Like the Lion and the Butterfly: Set Free the Energy and Talent inside of You

Author: Paola Fraschini, Barbara Zippo, Kerry Vera Lea, Max Gentile, Thomas Hubener, Federica Bellante Elman

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 202

Publisher: Paola Fraschini

Release Date: August 21, 2019

Description du Livre


Paola Fraschini is a 7-time World Champion figure roller skating driven by a passionate desire to bring sporting disciplines into the world of circus arts. She has crowned her dream as a performer in Cirque du Soleil’s international show “Volta,” in which she has performed since 2017. This biography traces the steps that have seen her forge the professionalism, charisma and inner awareness that led to her 7 world titles. It offers effective and practical self-help tools that everyone can adopt to achieve their goals and reach their highest potential.Paola invites us into a real-life journey of a warrior and hero: an evolution of a human being pursuing self-realization. She writes with the desire to help and inspire athletes, but also to encourage all of those who want to make their own life the very best experience they could dream of.

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“Finally I was in the right place at the right time and my state of perpetual restlessness was completelyplacated. For an instant, from the mountain top, I was enjoying the view. From a state of newly foundpeace, I was contemplating what laid ahead of me. As I had been told months before, when I was stillunaware of all of this: “The butterfly has taken flight towards flowered gardens where she can finallysavour the fruits.”

“To evolve, it is necessary to start from loving yourself, not by external recognition. With this attitude, obstacles will stop being such and will become opportunities. Paola exemplifies this perfectly with her mind, but even more so, with her heart. She creates her life with patience, power and direct attention. By reading her inspiring words, I hope that you can apply what she has put into her practice to reach your true potential.” - Max Gentile


Paola Fraschini is an Italian athlete and artist from Genoa who has skated since childhood. She has been a member of the Italian National Team since 1996. With a diverse career full of success, Paola has a determination and a deep interest in the power that comes from looking inward. Combining physical and mental training, she conquered 11 Italian, 5 European and 7 World Championships, in addition to winning 5 gold medals for athletic value. She is a trained physical therapist and, by refining artistic skills and mental training tools, founded PaolAttitude, the blog in which she shares techniques, choreographies and unique personal growth tips. Paola was the first woman to ever win a World Championship in the Solo Dance specialty, and the first athlete to blend figure skating with acting, bringing it into the mainstream via circus arts. Since 2017, she has been performing as one of the main characters in the international show “Volta” by Cirque du Soleil.
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