Workshop Testimonials

Deciding which author is right to visit your school or college is difficult. You want somebody who will engage the students while teaching them things that will help them with their studies.

Below you'll find testimonials I've received from schools and colleges I've visited.

If they pique your curiosity, then why not get in touch today?

What schools and college are saying


Rachel PottsRachel PottsLibrarian & Tutor, Ridgeway High School, Wirral

"The workshop was excellent. Matthew had clear aims that he wanted to accomplish to make the workshop worthwhile and it was easy to see that he achieved these with the students.

Our students were learning about designing, naming and creating interesting characters with depth, motivation and back stories that you don’t necessarily disclose to your reader. Matthew also helped students understand effective ways to start a story.

Our students enjoyed guessing aspects of the plot and the significance of events as well as possible backstories of the quirky Bumpkinton residents!

I would recommend Matthew’s workshops to any school, especially those who have students with an interest in writing and potential aspiring authors."

Holly GreenwoodHolly GreenwoodSavio Salesian College, Liverpool

"We were privileged to have Matthew visit Savio Salesian College and work with Year 8 and 9 pupils. The pupils undertook a range of activities which were well received.

The day was beneficial in developing pupils' writing skills, as Matthew gave the pupils an insight on how to develop storylines, characters and opening hooks.

Pupils were interested in how books are published and Matthew was able to sustain their interest and answer and expand on their questions. He explained the reasons why good written skills were needed and gave examples of jobs that could be accessed with such skills.

Matthew not only brought his own book to life, he actively encouraged pupils to find their own writing voice. It was lovely to see pupils engaging so readily both with Matthew's writing and their own."

The Blue Coat SchoolThe Blue Coat SchoolThe Blue Coat School, Liverpool

"An interesting insight into how a writer hooks and maintains the reader’s attention.

The way the extract was read out was an excellent way of showing how a writer creates tension.

Matthew’s visit was enjoyable and he offered insightful advice on the art of narrative writing. This was particularly helpful as the students are preparing for GCSE examinations. He was enthusiastic as a reader as well as a writer and he encouraged the students. An added bonus was Matthew’s offer to run a writing competition and to judge it, which offered the students further incentive to write."

Nicola WellandNicola WellandAssistant Principal for Maths and English, Tameside College

“Matthew gave a great workshop and has helped the students develop their skills ready for their exams. Visits from authors and industry experts are a key part of learning at the college and you can visibly see the benefits it has.”

Julie StirrupJulie StirrupOldham College

“It’s been fantastic. It’s exactly what they’ve needed and the students have enjoyed it.”

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