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Well, it’s true that there isn’t a lot going on right now concerning myself and releasing any work. It’s a slow process is this writing game. I’m just over 21,000 words into my new Bumpkinton story and I’m only on Chapter Four. This one has the potential to be a novel, my very first novel and it’s exciting.

I am learning every day and I feel my writing is improving. I want to go back now and tweak some of my earlier stories, knowing I can make them better. Maybe I will further down the line, but first I need to finish The Fantastical Gregory Shortbread!

I’m always looking to increase my circle of friends and readers online and there’s no better way to do that than to throw yourself into an interview. Recently I took part in a great interview with Melissa Holden about my writing, what I do to get it done, my tips for aspiring authors and my upcoming work.

You can read a snippet below but you’ll have to visit Melissa’s fantastic blog for the rest by clicking HERE.

Interview snippet:

What got you into writing? Hmmm, that’s actually a tough one. I don’t remember when I started to write to be honest. I remember writing small stories when I was small. I also wrote a story about a haunted house in secondary school which was voted as the best story by the teacher.

After that I was a little more sporadic in my writing, mostly due to being an angst-y teenager. I do remember writing fan fiction on my Red Dwarf fan site. I suppose that was when my desire to write really started, if I had to pin point a time.

I knew I wanted to write but I never really knew what to do until a friend of mine told me to take part in NaNoWriMo in 2011. It was a wonderful experience and I managed to 50,000 word challenge three days ahead of the deadline. It left me with a huge feeling of accomplishment. True, the manuscript is still gathering dust after numerous attempts to tweak and fine-tune the novel, but hopefully one day I will get it finished and release it.


I then decided to look for a creative writing course which I did when I moved from Manchester to Liverpool in 2012. I loved every minute of that course, it was so challenging. I thrived on the deadlines to write our stories by the following week, each piece had to be different and I wrote a lot of dark stories. I have never thought myself as somebody who would write dark tales, but I did on that course. However, I also managed to write some lighter stuff too, comedy mainly. That is what I enjoy the most.

I was nominated by my tutor for an Adult Learner Award and although I did not reach the final, I still received a certificate which sits proudly in my living room at home.