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bumpkinton, matthew drzymala, comedy book, comedy books, bumpkinton seriesIt’s been a while, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been idle. Yes, I can announce that The Bumpkinton Tales: Volume I is currently in transit from the United States. It’s just the proof copy but it will be lovely to finally hold my stories in paperback. These things are never easy and I have had to do a lot of work and get some help in making sure the layout is perfect. I’ll know better once I get the proof copy through the post on 15th March.

However, I don’t yet have a release date for collection. I’ll know better soon and will announce it then. In a few weeks time there may be boatloads shipping in through sheer demand… okay, maybe not loads… but you have to dream.

More Bumpkinton!

This release will consist of the four currently available stories Last Christmas, Bittersweet, The Bachelor and Albert’s Christmas plus a BONUS short story called The Family Jewels. The extra story comes from a real life event from my competition winner Pat Allen who had the task of coming up with a story as well as getting to name a character. Pat gave me a fun story from her days as a nurse and she named the character, well… Pat Allen. It’s fun little extra, a bit silly, but with that familiar Bumpkinton spirit.

The Family Jewels, although the most recent story written, is set between The Bachelor and Albert’s Christmas.

As well as this, I have been working with a friend to come up with a logo and new covers for my Bumpkinton stories. The covers I’d had were a little patchy and a mish-mash of styles. We opted for a vintage font and a ‘used‘ look to the covers. We also wanted them to be very basic and fuss free. You can view them below. We made the Kindle editions all the same with a set colour theme. However, for the collection we went for grained book look, as if it’s missing its dust cover.

In essence, we wanted to give the covers a feel that this place is in the middle of nowhere, separate from the world outside and forgotten about. Hopefully we captured that in the covers. Also, in the lead up to the release date I will be running some giveaways which will include free copies of The Bumpkinton Tales: Volume I as well as story related gifts including pens and an assortment of other goodies which I will announce nearer the time.

There will be more news soon, but for now, I hope you enjoy the covers. Just click on one of the covers below to be taken to  a slideshow gallery.

Come back soon for the release date of my first ever paperback!