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marriageI haven’t done an ‘off-topic‘ post for some time. Personally, I’m now wracking my brains wondering if I even have. I certainly haven’t since I had my own personal blog about 15 years ago. So, here’s one about marriage.

Urgh. I can remember some of the stuff I used to write when I was twenty. I used to update that every Friday, what I found to talk about is beyond me. Well, after lots of writing updates, I thought I’d let you all in on something more personal. After all, it’s nice to break it up rather than me promoting in your faces all of the time. So, last week my fiancée Elaine and I, went in search of wedding venues in Scotland.

Not randomly, of course, Elaine is from north of the border. We’d been to some venues in England, mostly in Yorkshire as we saw some venues we liked and one on the Wirral, but nothing that really grabbed us. Now, I did take a big writing pad as I, selfishly I suppose, intended to get some writing in. Well, why not, Scotland is beautiful and you never know when you’ll be inspired. I also had some flyers made up for my book, The Bumpkinton Tales: Volume One, that I had planned to distribute around various places, but alas they didn’t turn up until we’d already left home!

Intending to write shouldn’t have been a problem, but what we didn’t realise was was that we’d be going slap-bang right in the middle of a heat wave. I’m not sure Scotland’s seen heat like it since the earth was a molten ball of lava. I ended up lounging in the sun all week with no real desire to write, I’m not sure I could have done, my fingers felt like they were melting.

Marriage venues

conservatory-dining-areaWe saw a number of venues in the Stirling and Alloa area, some better than others (I shan’t divulge how horrible one place was, but shoe marks on the walls are not a winner in my book). One place we saw was an old house that was utterly superb, sadly it was the most expensive and although we could have afforded it, there would have been no money left over for the honeymoon.

We also looked at a lovely hotel in Dunblane, but it just didn’t feel right to us, though I did get to have a quick look at Andy Murray’s golden post box (from the Olympics, that sounds like some weird porn film).


Stirling, a perfect marriage…

So we’re marrying in Stirling, a stones throw from Elaine’s parents. From one of the rooms we can get married in the shadow of the Wallace Monument (pictured above) and if it’s a really hot day there’s also the option of getting married at the side of the Loch that’s in the grounds. Sounds perfect for a spot of writing whilst eating oatcake’s.