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copywriterI’ve done well on my Copywriter course so far, but I did receive one vital piece of advice from my tutor.

Slow down.

I’ve been keen to get through the course. And why not, I’m enjoying it, but by flying through it, I’m making some proofing errors.

Plus doing things quickly means you don’t give your brain time to digest the work you’re doing. So for my latest assignment, I decided I needed to heed his advice and take my time.

Being a better copywriter

Clients want excellent work from a copywriter, work that is clean and to the point. Not work littered with little errors, and that’s what I was doing in my haste on this course. I’m the same when writing my books. I write quickly, and I’m a bugger for not proofing my work.

This then makes it doubley hard for my proofreaders and editor who then have to wade through needless mistakes.

Taking my time ended up with me gaining the best piece of feedback from my tutor since I started. I had to create headlines and a concept for a visual to go into a newspaper and magazine advertisement for a bread company.

One concept I created included Paul Hollywood, of Bake Off fame, being part of the advertising campaign. Here was my tutors feedback:

“Your line ‘Conquer Hollywood’ is particularly strong, and is my personal favourite. I’ve been a full-time freelance copywriter for almost ten years now and could never have thought up a line like that, mate.”

It has to be said I was pretty happy about that!

He also mentioned about me heeding his advice with some fantastic words about my progress:

“Well done again on doing an excellent job, Matthew. You’ve got bags of talent, and it looks now that you’re combining this with restraint, patience, which is making for a powerful mix, as well as setting you apart – the number of gifted writers out there who fail to succeed through not paying enough attention to editing and proofreading is actually staggering.”


So, my decision to take my time has paid off. It’s simple advice, but the advice I needed to rein myself in. We all need help sometimes, especially when it’s obvious.

I have four modules to go, and I can’t wait to get stuck in!

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