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copywritingI’m still working hard on my copywriting course, with just a couple of assignments to go before I complete it and receive my Diploma. Thinking about doing it as a full-time job freelance job has been something I’ve agonised over for a few months.

Imagine my surprise then when, two weeks ago, I received an email from a gentleman in need of some website copy.

My tutor has done work for him in the past, but he was away on holiday and very busy with other tasks, so he suggested me as somebody who writes in a similar style and uses humour throughout their work.

Losing my copywriting virginity

I have to admit that being thrust into the real world suddenly made me very nervous. Who wouldn’t be, one minute I’m brainstorming ideas for radio advertisements on my course, the next a living, breathing human is relying on me to come up with something special.

Suffice to say, after a nervy start I plunged in and loved doing it.

The light-bulb moments

copywritingLike starting a new story, beginning anything is scary. You don’t have a plethora of ideas ready to go, but once the client returned the project planner I sent out, the ideas started to flow.

I took a breath then got my freelance copywriting career underway.

I wrote a brief outline of everything I wanted to say, trying to headline the main points before working for two straight days on getting the piece knocked into a format that would grab the reader’s attention.

Checking out a client’s competition is also handy, as you get to see what they are doing or not doing that my client does, and my client does a lot more than some of his competitors.

I might book him myself…

Come the end I was so impressed with what he offers (he’s a Wedding DJ) I’d consider using him for my own big day if he’d travel up to Scotland.

My thoughts on my first copywriting job

I started out very nervous and worried I’d fall flat. However, once I got underway I really enjoyed it. It’s something I know I could do going forward, especially writing for blogs and websites.

I approached it differently to how I write my site. I use the techniques I’ve learnt here, but when you’re trying to sell something to people for a client, it takes on a different feel.

You click into a more professional mindset, while still putting in a few bits of personal humour to humanise the work.

I feel honoured that my tutor had faith to put me forward and, even though I know I’ll be nervy the next time, I know I can do it!