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author workshops, matthew drzymala, comedy books, creative writing, bumpkinton, author workshopIt seems like a life age since I ran one of my author workshops.

It was January, so not that long ago, but the end of April brings two rapid-fire visits to colleges.

On 18th April I will be attending Oldham College to speak to students about creative writing and how to come up with some great ideas for their GCSE coursework.

It should run along the same lines as my visit to Tameside College, though I may make a few tweaks, just to keep it fresh for myself.

Following my visit to Oldham, I’m doing something entirely different. On 26th April I am at Loreto College in Manchester.

However, this time it isn’t a workshop. I will be co-judging a creative writing and poetry evening. It’s an honour to be invited as a guest author, and I’m looking forward to reading the finalists’ work.

I’m due to receive the stories soon but we decide the overall winner on the night.

It’ll be like Bake Off, without the cake.

Future author workshops

Once April is out-of-the-way, sadly I have no more lined up. This is because my redundancy that should have been April 2018 has moved forward 11 months to the end of May, so I have to concentrate on finding a new full-time job instead of booking further author workshops.

Then again, I may have all the time in the world!

Are you a college, or know one that would love an author visit?

Check out my College Visits page and get in touch!