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author workshop, author, writer, book blog, bumpkinton, comedy books, oldham collegeOkay, I have to apologise, it’s been a week since my author workshop at Oldham College, and I haven’t updated about it. This is due to some website problems which, I hope, have now been fixed.

Anyway, enough of the faff, let’s get down to business!

We Need To Talk About My Author Workshop

I’ve had little problems with my earlier workshops, small niggles that don’t affect the smooth running of the day, but there was one I couldn’t avoid during my latest workshop.

The weather.

Yeah, you heard me, and more specifically, the sunshine. He had his hat on and was dazzling, which meant my Powerpoint was almost impossible to see. Alas, not to worry, I ploughed on regardless having to, at times, lift up the laptop and show it to the room.

Not that I minded, these things happen, and at least it was lovely travelling home with the sun on my back.

We Need To Give Some Credit

It was the first day back after half term for the staff and students, but I was still impressed by the numbers who turned up and with the quality of work by the students who got stuck into the writing sections of the workshop.

One, in particular, stood out as she managed to write the outline of a story from start to finish in around 80 words.

I’ve had great feedback before, but this was the first author workshop when a student realised an entire idea from beginning to end in 5 minutes.


We Need To Give Thanks

I had a great time, and I was delighted to be told that the College are interested in another author workshop next year. I’d like to thank all the students and staff for attending, with special thanks to Julie Stirrup who invited me in for the morning.

And thanks to the college, who have said it was a”Brilliant, inspirational session,” on their Facebook page.There was some outside interest too, as a photographer from the local paper appeared to take some shots during and after the session. I’ve no idea when these will appear, but once they do, I’ll be sure to post them.

Oh, I almost forgot. The college invited the local paper in who took lots of photos during and after the session. I’ve no idea when these will appear, but once they do, I’ll be sure to post them.

Thank you, everyone, and I hope so see you again some time!