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I bloody love talking to students. Talking about my books. And I love talking about creative writing and being able to show those keen to do well in their GCSE English and possible future writers how to hook a reader from the start!

On Thursday 29th November, my educational author workshop hit the road again with my return to Oldham College.

It was great after 18 months away to start my brand spanking new workshop in a place I’d been before. It made me relax a lot more as I knew the staff which was a great help when getting students to take part in the interactive sections of the workshop.

Why my Educational Author Workshop is different this time.

educational author workshop, author workshop, author talk, author visit, author, indie author, matthew drzymala
Educational Author Workshop at Oldham College (Nov.2018)

Since my first bacth, I’ve had time to think about what worked in schools and colleges, and sift out the sections that didn’t work. I also, foolishly, the first time round relied far too much on learning everything in my head.

This time, I made sure that what I’m teaching is written completely on my Power Point presentation. This means:

  • I can read almost from a script
  • It’s easier for students to follow, and
  • Schools & Colleges can reuse my workshop in a follow-up session if they ask for a copy

I had a great bunch of students, all keen to take part in the written sections and many who were eager to read out what they’d written – which can sometimes be tricky as many students feel embarrassed or shy about speaking in front of their classmates.

Believe me, I know how that feels!

Praise for my Workshop

Julie Stirrup, who organised the morning, said to me on the day:

“It’s been fantastic. It’s exactly what they’ve needed and the students have enjoyed it.”

Julie Stirrup – Oldham College

So, what’s next?

Well, with Christmas approaching there’s no plans for any more in 2018, but in 2019, I already have two set up at:

  • Ridgeway High School on The Wirral, and
  • Clifton Community School in Rotherham

Would your school/college benefit from an Educational Author Workshop?

If you work in a school or college and this post has whet your appetite, then contact me today to chat about what I can offer you – visit my Author Visits page.

My workshops are not set in stone, which means they’re flexible to whatever a school or college is after.

It could be more educational, or they can be just me reading an extract from my books and talking to students about how I started writing.

Whatever fits your school or college, I’ll adjust it to suit you perfectly.

Until next time,