Bittersweet is the second story in my comedy book series, The Bumpkinton Tales. It was released on 21st December 2013 alongside the short story, Last Christmas.

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When Venetia was a little girl, her grandpa would regale her with magical tales of the shop he used to own in the mysterious village of Bumpkinton. But when he died, the tales died with him.

Thirty years later, Venetia and her husband chance upon an old photograph in the attic. It ignites a spark within Venetia, and she resolves to buy the shop.

As the inhabitants of Bumpkinton welcome the newcomers with open arms, why is Amelia, the resident busybody, interested in the shop? And why is it so important that it doesn’t become a burger bar?


In June 2014 Bittersweet was voted Runner-Up in the Best Novelette category in the Indie Book Bargains SpaSpa Awards 2013.

The story has also received praise from it's readers with it being described as "Very Witty", "A perfect read for an English summers day" and "Amusing".


comedy books, comedy books to read