The Bachelor

The Bachelor is the third story in The Bumpkinton Tales comedy book series. It was released on 21st June 2014.


If there is one thing Fenton knows, it’s that he’s a ladies man. With a stylish suit, perfect hair and a seductive smile that can send women weak at the knees, he knows he’s got it all.

However, Fenton has a secret. He’s no longer single.

As the Bumpkinton Singles Night draws close, Fenton arrives in the village to woo the ladies. Even a secret lover won’t stop him from indulging in his favourite hobby, flirting, but how much can he get away with?


The comedy story has received praise from its readers with it being described as "Funny and amusing but always with a little bit of pathos tucked in there at the end", "Entertaining" and "The best of the series so far".