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collegeLearning doesn't have to stop when you leave school, most people go on to further education. With the success of my author workshops, I was invited to Southport College for the morning, giving me the chance to speak to older students.

It was completely different to what I experienced in secondary school but no less fun. I had great feedback and received suggestions about what else the students would have liked me to have taught them. So, with that in mind, I have set up a dedicated college author workshop.

The students in Southport were all considering what to do next in their careers, be it teachers or whether to study for degrees in English Literature. I feel my workshop is ideal for students considering these options.

What do I offer in my college author workshop?

My workshop is flexible, fitting to the needs of the college. I offer two types of workshop:

Workshop One

  • Creative Writing: I'll show students how to create story ideas
  • 1st Line Hooks: I'll talk about grabbing a reader's attention from the start!
  • Characters: Stories are great, but they're nothing without three-dimensional characters
  • Story Starters: By the end of the workshop the students will have their own ideas for what stories they would like to write!

Some students prefer a talk and not creative writing exercises, so:

Workshop Two

  • Introduction: I'll talk about how I started as an author
  • Workshop Talk: I'll guide students through what I do in schools, giving them tips on what captures the children's imaginations
  • Reading: I'll do a reading from my book and show them what I do that makes children laugh
  • Q&A: A Q&A!

I can do a mix of the two too, but that will depend on how long I have on the day.

How much do I charge?

I have two price guides, which are as follows:

  1. One lesson/Half Day: £90 + travel expenses (depending on location, to be discussed.)
  2. Full Day: £150

Alternative Option

  1. £60 - The workshop and the opportunity for students to buy one of my books on the day.

I am happy to contact the local press about my visit if the college is satisfied with this. This has worked with my other workshops and gains brilliant exposure.


Visits Already Books/Visited

Visit No.DateVenueTown/City
#1 2nd November 2016 Southport College Southport
#2 30th January 2017 Tameside College Tameside, Manchester
#3 18th April 2017 Oldham College Oldham
#4 26th April 2017 Loreto College Manchester

If you would be interested in a workshop, get in touch, it would be great to meet you!

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