Mahogany Trinrose

Mahogany Trinrose

Author: Jacqueline Lichtenberg

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9780385154765

Language: English

Publisher: Doubleday Books

Release Date: March 01, 1981

Description du Livre

The ancient and dangerous secret of the Sime / Gen Mutation threatens to topple the ruling dynasty of the House of Zeor. How much torment can one teen girl take before the fate of the world doesn't matter to her anymore? Ercy Farris, heir apparent to the House of Zeor, is busy chasing a legend. Her hope is to grow the one true mahogany-colored rose which tradition says will save humanity. Under the tutelage of the mysterious Halimer Grant, Ercy's desperate search unleashes the sleeping powers within her. Suddenly she is an outcast, a witch possessed with the abilities of telekinesis, clairvoyance, teleportation ... and the power to make all her dreams come true. Yet even as they come true, Ercy is now a threat to all she is trying to save. The House of Zeor may crumble—and all of humanity with it.

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