Common Sense Life Coaching: How To Start A Life Coaching Business From Home

Common Sense Life Coaching: How To Start A Life Coaching Business From Home

Author: Michael Senoff

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 43

Language: English

Publisher: Michael Senoff

Release Date: June 21, 2011

Description du Livre

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on the consulting business or just some added income, this is the interview for you. In it you’ll hear from Dave Wood, a consultant and life coach, who’s going to tell you exactly how to boost your HMA practice by adding life-coaching skills to it. 

Even though personal coaching is a lot different than business consulting, both deal with helping clients set and achieve goals. And Dave has found that more and more businesses are using coaching to improve their bottom lines. So in this interview, you’ll hear all about the life coaching business, how Dave makes six-figures doing it, and how to apply some of the concepts to your HMA practice.  

You’ll Also Hear…
What coaching provides for clients and how to show them the benefits of signing on for sessions 

How to get your first client as a life coach – and how much to charge
How to start coaching in less than a week and Dave’s process for getting top dollar for his services 

What problems new coaches typically experience and how to overcome them
What happens if someone flakes out on a session 

How to get clients, how to ask for your fees and how to handle objections 

Why it’s a mistake to charge per session and what Dave recommends instead
Dave meets with clients over the phone for just half an hour a week, three times a month and charges more than $1,000 a month for his services. But he never pushes prospects into becoming clients. And you’ll hear how he lands all the clients he needs using a no-pressure approach. 

So whether you’re interested in life coaching as a side job or as a way to enhance your HMA practice, you’ll want to give this interview a listen. It offers some new ideas on standard consulting – and some new opportunities too.  

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