Day Trip to Santa Cruz Island, California: Scorpion Ranch/East Anchorage

Day Trip to Santa Cruz Island, California: Scorpion Ranch/East Anchorage

Author: Kirsten Anderberg

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 101

Language: English

Publisher: Kirsten Anderberg

Release Date: October 24, 2011

Description du Livre

A writer using the name “The Saunterer,” wrote about Santa Cruz Island in November 1890 in the L.A.Times: “I wonder that more people do not visit them. They are full of picturesqueness, of wild and solitary grandeur. They have lovely heights that the eagle would love, and green canyons with rippling streams that go singing from their heights to the sea…with innumerable wild flowers along their banks and old oaks standing as sentinels where they pass…The Channel is as still as an inland lake and its curving shores are as sunny as those of classic Italy. Ah, what a picture it is, and yet men live and die right there without once visiting the islands to take in the grand perspective. Strange, isn’t it?” In 2011, I think the same things as the Saunterer in 1890. How is it that so few people have visited the Channel Islands that are visible nearly daily from the shores of Ventura and Santa Barbara? How is it these islands have remained so pristine? Take a day trip to Santa Cruz Island's East Anchorage at Scorpion Harbor with author/historian Kirsten Anderberg. One hundred never before published photographs taken by the author, accompany a journey through the island's history, geology, flora, fauna, caves, sealife and geology. Author Kirsten Anderberg earned her Master's Degree in CA History from CA State University at Northridge in December 2010.

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