SUPER POWER STUDENT: 100 Most advanced success mindset & study techniques

SUPER POWER STUDENT: 100 Most advanced success mindset & study techniques

Author: Nitin Soni

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 261

Language: English

Publisher: Adhyyan Publication

Release Date: June 18, 2015

Description du Livre

Whether you are an ordinary student struggling to pass the exams or an extraordinary one aiming to outscore, this book will reveal to you 100 most advanced study techniques & success mindset & exam success strategies that will transform you into a Super Power Student.

Discover concepts, ideas and techniques that not only will program your mind for success in exams but also change the way you study forever!

1) The No.1 technique to learn quick and fast.
2) 5 methods to program your mind for exam success.
3) 100 year old technique to remember anything forever.
4) Techniques to improve Concentration & Mind Power
5) The Golden rule of academic success

After changing the lives of thousands of students in India with his first book 'The 7 Laws of Clearing CA Final', author Nitin Soni has written this classic to bring academic success at the doorstep of every student. No matter who you are and what you study, this book will prove to be the game changer.

From the Author:
When I was a school student I was always studying hard but the results were never in line with my expectations. Later, while I was pursuing the CA course, I failed a couple of times inspite of studying hard tirelessly. I used to wonder why the results are not in direct proportional to the amount of hard work I was putting in. But later when I entered CA Final which is often cited as one of the toughest exams in India, I noticed that I was not the only one who was struggling with that question. In fact, there were many students who were studying harder than me and still failing!

At that point, I began my search for the causes that were responsible for the situation. During the course of my search, I got to know many study techniques and success mindset strategies that I was completing ignoring. As soon as I began to apply them, the desired results followed and I eventually cleared CA Finals to fulfill my dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant.

I decided not to keep the secrets to myself and wrote a book for CA Final students and named it 'The 7 Laws of Clearing CA Final'. The book was published by one of India's top publisher 'Taxmann' and as soon as it reached the intended students, my mailbox was flooded with 'Thank You' messages. Soon I began teaching these smart study methods & success mindset techniques to students and the response was nothing short of spectacular! Today the book has sold thousands of copies and a seminar I gave on the same topic is viewed almost by one lac students across the world on YouTube.

I knew that the methods were relevant not only for CA Final students but to the entire student community irrespective of their age, course or location.

Super Power Student is an effort to bring out a comprehensive guide that contains everything that a student need to know to succeed in any course, exam or test he is preparing for. This book contains 100+1 concepts, techniques & methods that will transform the way you study forever.

The concepts & techniques that you are about to experience are so powerful that they can never fail to give you desired results. Many of my friends, colleagues & teachers believe that these formulas must be taught to all students in all schools and colleges. I personally believe that if these principles are taught in their strict sense these could revolutionize the entire education system and no student will ever find it tough to acquire a degree or education that he wants to acquire.

This is not a text book. I have made every effort possible to keep each chapter short, crisp and to the point.

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