All-Electric America: A Climate Solution and the Hopeful Future

All-Electric America: A Climate Solution and the Hopeful Future

Author: S. David Freeman, Leah Y. Parks

Format: Paperback

Pages: 238

ISBN: 9780996174725

Language: English

Publisher: Solar Flare Press

Release Date: January 14, 2016

Description du Livre

The modern day Edisons have done their job. We need not wait any longer. We are poised to wake up to a world running completely on renewable energy. Waiting any longer is like saying we shouldn't have used the personal computer in 1985 until the smartphone was invented.

In "All-Electric America" authors S. David Freeman, former utility CEO, and Leah Y Parks, a journalist in the electricity industry, explain how making the transition to an all-electric, all renewable society by the year 2050 is necessary, practical, and achievable. An energy infrastructure powered by the sun and wind & running on electricity, for all our energy needs, will be reliable, cleaner, safer, and CHEAPER. It will be superior to the system we have today and will lead to a better future.

It is time for the utility industry, politicians, and consumers to wake up to the opportunity that this energy transformation will provide. The resources currently allocated towards oil and other fossil fuels can instead be invested in the development of an all-renewable 21st century electricity infrastructure. Investments in coal mining, oil exploration, gas drilling, building new coal and gas plants, shipping and protecting oil, and fighting wars to protect oil interests will give way to a focus on building solar and wind energy, energy storage, and modernizing our grid.

The clock is ticking. With every breath we take the Earth continues to warm. The specter of global warming requires that the transformation must begin immediately. Freeman and Parks show how, with the current "All of the Above" policy, we are, instead, on a path to climate hell. They present a course of action that gives us the best hope of eliminating disastrous climate change

Many are saying we need to achieve our global warming 2°C goal, but few are carrying out a real plan or fully understand the problem. Freeman and Parks evaluate the latest research, technology, and energy policy and lay out a comprehensive strategy with achievable goals and a clear timeline for when it must be done. We will need to replace all fossil fuels including coal, oil and natural gas used for electricity, heating, transportation, and industrial processes. They find that our only hope is to reduce our emissions by 3% each year for the next 35 years so that we reach zero emissions by 2050. Anything less risks severe climate disaster.

Freeman and Parks present a vision and strategy to achieve a future where all of our energy sources are powered with the free fuel of the sun and the wind, we live free of the specter of climate change, and one in which we are "Living Better Electrically."

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Editorial Reviews
"This is a timely and engaging educational book about America's energy future. It rightly focuses on the cleanest and most efficient types of energy and transportation... It amplifies the vision that an electric America powered by clean, renewable energy will produce significant health, environmental, and cost benefits with little downside. I highly recommend this book for lay audiences, students, and those in the energy sector who would like to be kept up to date in this rapidly-changing field." - Mark Z. Jacobson, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University

"The U.S. has some big problems that require bold solutions. Unfortunately, books about solutions to our society's problems are often given short shrift by reviewers or languish on our bookshelves...[All-Electric America] is scathing but optimistic, and manages to be bold while remaining pragmatic. Drawing on their combined years of experience, Freeman and Parks make the case for addressing the dangers of climate change with some concrete steps to counter our current downward spiral... When All-Electric America comes out in January of 2016 you will have a chance to make yourself knowledgeable about the real avenues available to us to transform our energy infrastructure for present and future generations by moving toward a new renewable energy economy..." - Ralph Nader, consumer advocate, lawyer and author

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