Software Teamwork: Taking Ownership for Success

Software Teamwork: Taking Ownership for Success

Author: Jim Brosseau

Format: Paperback

Pages: 397

ISBN: 9780321488909

Language: English

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

Release Date: November 01, 2007

Description du Livre

""If your desire is to effect change or have more influence on a software team, you could either stumble around in the dark for a few years, experimenting with different techniques, or you could buy, read, and apply the techniques in this book. This choice, of course, is up to you.""-Matthew Heusser ""Jim Brosseau's understanding of the true dynamics of the IT workplace shows through in "Software Teamwork." For those on the IT solution delivery front lines, and for those who manage them, his insights and wisdom will lead to not only better projects, but a better work life as well.""-Bruce A. Stewart, Chief Executive Officer, Accendor Research, Inc. Optimizing the Human Side of Software Development: Real Solutions Based on Real Data and Experience "Software Teamwork" is a compelling, innovative, intensely practical guide to improving the human dynamics that are crucial to building great software. Drawing on years of work with a wide range of teams, Jim Brosseau shows how to drive powerful improvements through small, focused changes that deliver results. These changes are designed to work for the whole team and respect existing organizational culture. Better yet, Brosseau identifies solutions you can start implementing right now, as an individual, without waiting for executive buy-in. Whatever your methodology, technology, or organization, " Software Teamwork "demonstrates how to apply solutions to realistic development challenges involving complex sets of stakeholders. Along the way, Brosseau shares important new insights into the attitudes, motives, and personal relationships that project management software just can't track. "Software Teamwork" is a revelation-and an invaluable working resource for every project team member, leader, and stakeholder. Preface xvAcknowledgments xxiAbout the Author xxiii Part I: The Problem SpaceChapter 1: Why Are We So Challenged? 3Chapter 2: Do the Right Thing 23Part II: IndividualsChapter 3: The Right Stuff 39Chapter 4: A Quality Focus 53Chapter 5: Facing Challenges 65Chapter 6: Proactive Effectiveness 81Chapter 7: Sustainability 95Part III: GroupsChapter 8: Communication 109Chapter 9: Motives and Expectations 125Chapter 10: Playing Well Together 143Part IV: TeamsChapter 11: Alignment 161Chapter 12: Organization 177Chapter 13: Coordination 199Chapter 14: Guidance 217Part V: StakeholdersChapter 15: Customers 235Chapter 16: Setting Goals 243Chapter 17: Specification 259Chapter 18: Prioritization 273Chapter 19: Change 283Chapter 20: Progress 295Part VI: Putting It All TogetherChapter 21: Pick Your Battles 311Chapter 22: Flexibility and Rigor 323Chapter 23: Progress Revisited 335Chapter 24: Change Revisited 345Chapter 25: Constant Vigilance 361Part VII: Appendix Appendix: Core Tools 375 Index 387

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