All About Laryngeal Cancer, A Book That Tells You About Laryngeal Cancer

All About Laryngeal Cancer, A Book That Tells You About Laryngeal Cancer

Author: DR. Hanne Korsholm

Format: Kindle Edition

Pages: 10

Description du Livre

What is laryngeal cancer?

It is a malignant tumor that affects the vocal cords and the neighboring structures. The vocal cords are two structures found in the larynx - in the area of ​​the neck where the nut is - that are part of the organ of the voice. The vocal cords come together, and as the air passes out of the lungs between them, a vibration occurs and the voice is emitted.

Who can have laryngeal cancer?

Laryngeal cancer is relatively common. It accounts for about one-third of malignant tumors of the head and neck. It affects the man much more than the woman in a period that goes from the fifth to the eighth decade of life. It is related to an important and continuous consumption of cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. Nowadays, the number of cases in the woman is growing, although always in a smaller proportion in relation to the man. This is due to changing habits in women, such as cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption and work in highly polluted environments. Rarely occurs in people who have never smoked.

Internal factors

Family history of cancer.
Maintenance of a chronic inflammation, leading to chronic laryngitis, such as infectious diseases of upper and lower respiratory tract; Abuse and misuse of voice on an ongoing basis; Continued and untreated heartburn.

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