Alive (Life After Love, #4)

Alive (Life After Love, #4)

Author: Imogen Markwell-Tweed

Pages: 20

ISBN: 9781094405063

Publisher: Bryant Street Publishing

Release Date: January 08, 2020

Description du Livre

Adam and Danny are your average couple. Sure, Adam is a ghost — and then he’s not — and then he is again. And, yes, in between crafting lattes, Danny sometimes crafts spells. But other than that, they’re your typical couple — plus or minus a few grimoires. From ghostly best friends to husbands, Adam and Danny find a way to work through all of their troubles... even death. Follow these two as they make their way through life and all of its topsy-turvy mishaps.

It’s been five years since Adam and Danny overcame death. With an annual routine of a dinner at the Ritz, a bottle of Champagne between them, and the careful incantation of a Latin spell meant to keep Adam firmly tethered to his body, the ghost-turned-man is doing better than ever. And tonight, Adam is going to make their anniversary something a little more special than just your average witchcraft: tonight, Adam is going to propose.

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