Pathfinder Adventure Path #21: The Jackal's Price

Pathfinder Adventure Path #21: The Jackal's Price

Author: Darrin Drader, Elaine Cunningham, Wolfgang Baur, Clinton Boomer, Jacob Burgess, Adam Daigle, Richard Pett, Jesper Ejsing, Robert Lazzaretti, David Bircham, Jeff Carlisle, Tyler Walpole, Svetlin Velinov, Eva Widermann, Kevin Yan, Kieran Yanner

Format: Paperback

Pages: 90

ISBN: 9781601251619

Language: English

Publisher: Paizo Publishing, LLC

Release Date: May 13, 2009

Description du Livre

What is Kakishon?

A mysterious map discovered in the belly of an ancient ruin has all of Katapesh intrigued. Yet none can decipher the strange markings, nor confirm much about the scroll's purpose. In order to learn more, a trip to the sprawling market city of Katapesh itself must be mounted. Yet others want the map for themselves—scheming mechants, enraged gnolls, and even a murderous society that seeks the treasure as their own. What could be so hidden within that could drive so many to such desperate acts of violence and mayhem? Is this artifact truly the one and only Scroll of Kakishon, and does the one who controls it control the entire world?

This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path includes:

- "The Jackal's Price", an adventure for 7th-level characters, by Darrin Drader.
- An exploration of the markets of the city of Katapesh, including a journey into the dangerous Nightstalls, by Richard Pett.
- An investigation of the world of genies, from the goals and desires to their secret shames and sins, by Wolfgang Baur.
- Pathfinder Channa Ti's adventures lead her into an underground realm filled with betrayal in the Pathfinder's Journal by New York Times best-selling author Elaine Cunningham.
- Five new monsters by Jacob Burgess, Adam Daigle, and Darrin Drader.

Cover art by Jesper Ejsing

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