Work in Progress

work in progressIt's been a long time since I updated you on my work in progress. I won't bore you with the details - but a brief overview reads as: I was made redundant, started a new job, took on more work in my capacity as a freelance copywriter and have had less and less time to devote to writing.

It's been a frustrating, but for the first time in a long while I finally have some great news:

The last big edit of The Fantastical Gregory Shortbread is complete.

It feels wonderful saying that,  not that we're out of the woods yet...

What is left to do on my work in progress?

Gregory has been edited and I've had feedback from one of my two beta readers. I've made the amendments they've suggested and I'm waiting for my second reader to give me their changes.

I've got it covered.

I shall be speaking to my cover designer shortly about what we want the cover to look like and I just need to send her the blurb for the back and she'll have everything she needs to start her design.

I have a book signing in Leeds on 3rd March and if I can have the book out by then, or at least in a place where I have books to sell, it will be officially launched there (with the possibility of me signing in a red, sequin jacket).

If you'd like to catch up with the residents of my wonderful village - check out my books here and pick up a copy or two.

It's almost time for Gregory's curtain call.